About Us

Bahar Books was formed in the fall of 2012 in New York, with the goal of publishing Persian books for Persian speakers living outside Iran, and for non-Persians interested in learning the Persian language; But most of all for those children of Iranian heritage who are learning Persian as their second language.
The inspiration for Bahar Books came from the shining memory of a little girl named Bahar  (which means spring in Persian) whose heart was as pure as a rain drop, and her smile as magical as a rainbow.  She was a gentle soul, with a creative mind and wisdom beyond her age.  
Her love may be forever green in our hearts and her memory may draw a magical rainbow in each and every spring over the blue skies of our lives!

Contact Us

Email: info [at] baharbook.com 
Email: baharbooks [at] yahoo.com                                                                Tel: +1 - 914 500-6505