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Garden in a Seed

GARDEN IN A SEED is a collection of modern poems touching on the subjects of self-worth, love, loss, and survival. The poems in this collection reflect the emotional struggles of women, especially when it comes to discovering their true and authentic voices. These short poems shed light on the enormous strengths hidden in the human soul. They remind us that despite experiencing despair and sorrow, we are all capable of healing.
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"Bring Me a Lamp" is a bilingual, illustrated selection of poems by modern Iranian poets such as Ahmad Shamlou (Shamloo), Forough Farrokhzad, Mohammad Reza Shafii Kakkani, Meimanat Mirsadeghi (Zolghadr), Houshang Ebtehaj (H.E. Sayeh), Fereydoun Moshiri, Siavash Kasraii and Mohammad Zohari.
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A beautifully written and illustrated picture book in about a very kind old lady who shelters different animals in her house on a very stormy night. This book is in English. A Persian/Farsi edition of this book is also available.
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This book is in English (a Persian/Farsi edition of this book is also available) -- A new version of Norooz story: The story of a girl named "Bahar" who lives in the sky and spends the entire year sleeping in her comfy bed, except for the last day of winter when she wakes up and ...
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a jarful of moonlight

A collection of short poems.
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The Two Brothers is based on an Alexander Dumas (père) fairy tale written during one of the two periods in which he wrote stories for children. In The Two Brothers Dumas creates several magical scenes where five different animals talk and do the bidding of the brothers. In these episodes each animal repeats a phrase or action in a way that is delightfully childlike. The tale develops the moral strengths of brotherhood, perseverance, patience, truth, courage, and faithfulness. The loyalty and fellowship of the five animals, all natural enemies, echoes and reinforces the story’s moral themes. Each brother and his animals becomes a family, where the clash of characters is both colorful and a source of strength.
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